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  German Shepherds have always been a part of the family, beginning with my great grandmother. She bred and trained Silver Sable German Shepherds on a much smaller scale, but she truly laid out the foundation for everything that we embody today. here at Bellevue German Shepherds we breed for health, intelligence, disposition, and attractiveness. Our exceptional sires and dams exemplify these qualities. All  of our beloved dogs are welcome both inside the house, and receive free roam of the play yard. none of our dogs stay in kennels during the day unless there isn't anyone home to supervise them. we run a smaller kennel than most breeders. In developing our facilities, our priority has been the comfort and well being of our breeding stock and puppies.  We are breeders whose dogs are also our companions, and we will never be so large as to lose track of the canine-human relationship, which should be what it is all about.  

















We believe that it is absolutely necessary to maintain an environment where each and every one of our dogs is able to receive the same amount of love and attention. This is simply not possible with 10+ dogs. We have several very large and well equipped kennels that our dogs view as "dens" and enjoy being in. because we have fewer dogs, we have the ability to have all of our dogs either inside with us, or running free and playing in the play yard. We teach our dogs at a very young age that kennels and crates are "safe places", so that later on in life they will feel comfortable if a situation arises where they will have to be confined to one for a period of time. We use the kennels to keep dogs separated when we have females in heat (to help prevent unwanted pregnancy), and as a safe environment for our puppies where we do not have to worry about them getting hurt when we are not around to supervise them.


     The dogs we breed have medium to high drives depending on the bloodlines, with medium energy. A high drive does not necessarily mean that a dog is high strung or hyper, but that a dog is very attentive, and has the ability to focus on a task or job for a prolonged period of time. We are breeders who's main goal is to raise dogs capable of maintaining jobs as service and therapy canines. We love to breed food and toy drives into our puppies for the ease of training, and we try to stay away from prey driven animals. at the end of the day though, we all want to be able to enjoy our canine companion and unwind, this is where what we call an "off switch" comes into play. while it is important that our dogs CAN work, it is also very important that they do not have an incessant need to work 24/7. The Off switch is a characteristic that we pride our puppies on,  and one that we believe to be at the top of our list for choosing a future breeding addition. We like to incorporate many West German and DDR working lines to achieve this "focused and reliable" mindset into our dogs. We like to have dogs that we can take places without worrying about how they will act in strange environments (this is where the reliable aspect of their mindset comes into play). We compete with our dogs in many public events such as dog  shows, so an unruly temperament is just not an option. our end goal is to produce dogs that have the ability to excel in all aspects of the working world such as  search & rescue, agility, therapy & service work, tracking, Schutzhund, and so on. However, our main goal is to produce beautiful, healthy and loyal lifelong companions.


     We only incorporate the very best of bloodlines into the dogs we raise.  We have all of our dogs hips x-rayed before breeding and we will only breed dogs with a passing OFA or Pinnhip rating. It is our sincere desire to produce only the best quality animals with exceptional hips, free of dysplasia; anything less than that is simply not an option. Our dogs are cared for to the nines and tens. They receive regular veterinary care and grooming. Our kennels are professional grade welded aluminum, with metal roofs and dog houses to ensure the utmost comfort of our animals when we are not home. Our kennels are cleaned and hosed twice daily, we bleach our kennels three times a week to ensure that all of our dogs and puppies live in a very sanitary environment. The water buckets and food bowls are scrubbed and cleaned regularly, and our dogs are fed high quality dog food, personalized to each dogs individual needs, twice daily. Our kennels are equipped with rubber floor mats for comfort, heat lamps for the cold winter days, and misters for the warm summer months. Most of the time our dogs are in the house during days where the weather is not as favorable, but in the cases where the dogs need to be outside, we want them to be as safe and comfortable as possible.


We would like to envite you to take a look into our home and the way that we care for the beloved animals that reside here......

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