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Whelping process


   All of our litters are whelped (born) inside. Having them inside allows us the ability to participate in the birthing process, just to make sure everything goes smoothly and mamma and puppies are well looked after. German Shepherd puppies are born  helpless and very dependent. They cannot see or hear yet, or regulate their body temperature, and they require a lot of tender care from their mom. They can, however, crawl towards the warmth of their mother’s body and towards the scent of her and her milk. When our German Shepherd puppies are just born, we carefully help their mom to free them from the sac, tie and trim the umbilical cord, wipe them dry with clean towels and let them explore their mom’s belly in search of milk. The puppies are cleaned, weighed, and indivually marked with the use of whelping bands/ collars shortly after birth. I stay up making sure that the whelping box is clean and dry after each puppy is born. Someone is always present with the puppies during the first 5 days, in case a puppy gets stepped on by the mom, and to make sure everyone gets enough nursing time. Our puppies are cuddled and held everyday, recieving the utmost love and attention. Around 2 weeks the puppies eyes are open and then shortly after that they begin to walk and play ! at this time puppies are moved out to a puppy kennel, equipped with fluffy pine shavings and tons of fun toys! We let them out in the grassy play area multiple times per day, so that they can run and play, and work their limbs and brains on our fun interactive toys.  around 4 weeks old is when we start introducing the puppies to wet food, they mostly play with it at first, but eventually they learn to love it ! By the time puppies are 7 weeks old they are totally independent and eating solid food. Our puppies have been gently and lovingly handled by us since they were born to support optimal mental and emotional development.  We do early neurological stimulation with each puppy, and we introduce them to other animals as they are developmentally ready. we do not push them or force them into any situations that they are uncomfortable with, or where they might be fearful. It is important that every puppy goes home with the confidence that it needs to thrive in a new and unfamiliar enviornment. By the time puppies go home they have been exposed to both cats and small children, and larger adult dogs. Our puppies will recieve multiple baths and nail trimming sessions during their time with us ! We spend a great deal of time every day in the kennel, cleaning house and playing with the puppies.  By the time they go to their new homes, they will be comfortable with people and other animals.  

They expect the best of people as they wait for their forever families to find them and take them home.



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